Navigating the continuum with assisted living

What is Assisted Living at Shell Point?

No one can predict or even anticipate what kinds of health issues they may face in their retirement years. As one grows older, it may become helpful to utilize the assistance of others to maintain a daily routine while continuing to live as independently as possible.

Assisted living services have been designed to enhance dignity and independence through programs that convey the exceptional lifestyle for which Shell Point is known. Full-time recreational staff plan daily and weekly events that challenge residents to grow socially, spiritually, educationally, physically and emotionally.

Additionally, there’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a medical staff of skilled physicians who specialize in gerontological medicine is accessible onsite. Additionally, a team of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) visit each building for appointments with patients as needed, right in their apartments for added convenience.

Shell Point residents may choose from three excellent assisted living facilities: King’s Crown, The Arbor and The Springs. The dedicated assisted living care team creates a comfortable, welcoming living environment that is focused on meeting residents’ needs and enabling residents to manage their personal and physical needs through the availability of many supportive services.

Rachel Zellers

Rachel Zellers
Director of Assisted Living and Long Term Care

Getting Started

When it comes to making any kind of selection in life, it’s always nice to have more than one great option from which to choose. Such is the case at Shell Point in regards to assisted living. Residents looking for this level of care have the option to choose between three excellent assisted living facilities – King’s Crown on The Island, The Arbor in The Woodlands and The Springs at the gateway to Shell Point.

Like so many other decisions in life, assisted living is one that requires planning. Residents are encouraged to learn more about the assisted living options available to them at Shell Point and plan for a move when it would be best for them. To assist with this process, we offer Tea and Tour events in each building several times throughout the year. This offers you the opportunity to attend a presentation by Shell Point’s Director of Assisted Living, Rita Southern, tour the building with our case managers and view the various types of units in the building.

There is a waiting list for assisted living and the wait for a particular type of unit varies based on your location and size preferences. Don’t wait for a crisis to begin planning for a move to assisted living. You know your health best and are encouraged to begin working with your case manger if you are considering a move to assisted living anytime between now and three years from now.

Click here to meet your case manager and learn about the many services and resources they can help you with. Your Shell Point case manager has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the Continuum of Care and supportive services available to you including assisted living.

Click here to request a brochure for one or all three assisted living buildings or an Assisted Living Move Kit »