Patient Portal

EZAccess allows all patients of the J. Howard Wood Medical Center to access their personal health information online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site empowers registered users to become more involved in their quest to maintain and improve their overall wellness. Scroll down to view an instructional video walking you through the various features of the system »

What Information is Available

Patient information available on the site will include their healthcare summary, their most recent test results and their prescription history.

EZAccess will also allow registered users to request appointments, complete forms, enter personal information and previous medical conditions, request prescription refills, access health information resources, communicate directly with their medical care team and share information and site access, if desired, with family members

Instructional Video

For first time users of the system, we have put together the following instructional video. Take a moment to review before proceeding.

Medical Center Communications

The site also allows the Medical Center to contact registered users regarding appointment reminders, wellness events, health alerts related to personal medical conditions or current medications, seasonal disease awareness, office closings, provider vacations and schedule changes

Access Your Records

Sharing Information

The home screen of the EZAcess site includes a “Blue Button” which will allow users to download and print their personal medical information, including active allergies, medications, diagnoses, directives, lab reports, and more. The “Blue Button” offers an easy and convenient way for users to share medical records and health information with their other healthcare providers.


For Questions and Support of the EZAccess Patient Portal System, please call the J. Howard Wood Medical Center at 454-2146 or email Trish Fenton at trishfenton @