Resident Council

Shell Point Residents' Council

2021 Residents' Council Members

1 – Eunice Murray (Oakmont) 

2 – Bob Feik (Sundial) 

3 – Rick Marton (Turban) 

4 – Joan Morgan (Cameo) 

5 – Ed Vanderhey (Coquina) 

6 – George Waters (Palm Acres)

7 – Larry McBee (Periwinkle) 

8 – Harold Roth (Royal Bonnett)

9 – Phyllis Sharp (Lakewood) 

10 – Wayne Robbins (Nautilus) 

11 – Marvin Ball (Macoma) 

12 – Liz Schilling (Rosemont) 

13 – Joan Lee (Harbor Court)

14 – Don Sloan (Tellidora) 

15 – Mary Varnum (Lucina) 

16 – Christl Smith (The Estuary)

17 – Barbara Findley (Enclave – Alt.)

18 – Don Adams (Junonia) 

19 – Carol Ann Ormes (Parkwood) 

20 – Jerry Palmquist (Coquina) 

21 – Lynn Castellano (Sand Dollar)

22 – Alice Wertz (The Pavilion)

23 – Vicki Waterstradt (Cellana)

Not Pictured:

Jean Gilman (Arbor)

Mel Bleiberg (King’s Crown)

Jane Haines (The Springs)

Karen Riecks (Eagles Preserve)

Bob Lindman (Enclave)

2021 Court Representatives

2021 Council Officers


George Waters

Vice Chairman

Larry McBee

Corresponding Secretary

Jane Haines

Recording Secretary

Liz Schilling

Council Chaplain 

Rev. Jerry Palmquist

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The Shell Point Residents’ Council is comprised of a dedicated group of residents who serve on a volunteer basis to represent the interests and needs of their fellow residents.

The council consists of one representative for each court, and serves as the residents’ governing body to act on sponsorship of proposed programs, such as fundraisers like the United Way Campaign, Bakeless Bake Sale, Library Fund Drive, School Supply Drive and Employee Christmas Gift Fund. Each court representative also serves as the court contact in the event of evacuation to the Shell Point hurricane shelter.


The Residents’ Council holds regular monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of every month, with the exception of July and August. While only the acting court representative has the power to discuss and vote on issues, all Shell Point residents are welcome to attend and hear the issues presented by court representatives.


Shell Point executive management are also present at these meetings to provide information and respond to residents. Occasionally, staff from various departments are invited by the council to attend and present informative updates about ongoing Shell Point activities.