Listening to the Words

With David Hauenstein

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Listening to the Words is about telling stories. You know, what you did last summer, going places, meeting people, getting scared, learning something new, laughing, crying, loving, living. Whether prose or poem, fiction or non-fiction, everybody has and loves stories.

Program 358

October 14, 2019 – What On Earth Do We Love

“Growing Up In Fenimore Wisconsin” by Tom Nelson
“Growing Older Means Knowing Yourself” read aloud by Glenna Irwin of Shell Point
“Our Planet In Peril” by Bill McKibben
“Our Earth Is A Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan
“Listening To The World Around Us” by Sy Safransky
“Kiss” by Ellen Bass
“Middle Aged Joggers”
“A Gratitude Affirmation” by Owen Waters

Program 357

September 30th, 2019 – Thinking and Feeling Deeply

“Last Typewritten Words” by Sy Safransky
“Barefoot” by Ginny Barrett of Shell Point
“Lessons of Life” by Phil Hilton of Shell Point
“Boca Raton Haitians” by Steve Harmon
“Ladies of the Playground” by Henry Heitman
“Nothing To Forgive” read by Kate Sullivan of Shell Point
“The Second Mountain: The Quest For A Moral Life” by David Brooks
“If We Had An Extra Year To Live” by Jory Post
“What Happened To Our Privacy” from Internet

Program 356

September 16, 2019 – Moving And Also Laughing Stories

“Dust Storm” by James Hardy, Shell Point
“A Forest of Glass” by Charles Sobczak
“Letting Go” by CJ McGregor
“Pool Business” by James Hardy, Shell Point
“Let’s All Win” read by Glenna Irwin
“We Should Not Have Come” by Jan Nieman
“Wrinkles” by Nancy Leake
“Unexpected Things” by Marion Winik

Program 355

September 9, 2019 – Being Thankful For What We Have

“Indiana Taskforce Helps Out After 9-11 Attack” by Ed Elrod, Shell Point
“Finding Joy Is Not Easy” by Dan Warner, Shell Point
“Forgiven Tattoo” read aloud by Joan Marshall
“Lover Tattoo” by Penny Modrich, Shell Point
“Aqualung” by Steve Morton, Shell Point
“My Hair” written and read aloud by Nita DeWeese, Shell Point

Program 354

August 26, 2019 – The Beauty of Life on Earth

“The Direct Experience of the Transending Mystery” by Joyce Ramay
“Aging” a poem written and read by Joy Ellyn Ryan, late of Shell Point
“The Man, My Idol, My Dad” by the son of Tim Brady, late of Shell Point
“Accordian Lessons” by Jan Nieman
“Learning That We Are All One Family” by Allan Churchmack
“The Homeless Camping in the School Yard” by Henry Heitman
“Love Always” by Henry Heitman

Program 353

August 19, 2019 – Examples of How Life Is Worth Living

“Goat Water Is Not What You Think” by Carol Elrod of Shell Point
“Blueberries Are Good For You”
“We All Need A Tree”
“Role Model” read by Barbara Boynton of Shell Point
“My Garden” by Jane Kennedy of Shell Point
“Being A Trolley Conductor” by Shell Pointer George Nelson
“Taking A Nine Year Old Girl to Nashville” read by Ann Wharton
“Gandhi Wisdom”

Program 352

August 12, 2019 – A Marvelous Mix of Stirring Stories

“A Very Memorable Memorial Day” by Doug Cartwright of Shell Point
“Over The Top” written and read by Howard Silverman of Shell Point
“Thanks A Million Charlie” by Little Joe Micale
“Volley Ball Advice” read by Kate Sullivan of Shell Point
“The Radio Generation” by Tom Nelson
“Worlds Hottest New Rocker” by 70 year old Rock singer Larry Sloman

Program 351

July 29, 2019 – Kids Discovering The World

“The Land of Oz” by L. Frank Baum
“Adam in the Swamp” read by Adam Brown
“Waverly The Magic Mermaid” by Charles Wells, Jr.
“Boy Over The Cliff” read by Glenna Irwin
“A Child’s View of Thunderstorms”
“Son and Father At The Zoo” by Henry Heitmann
“Super Cuts On A Boy” by Rob Jackson
“Remembering Hollywood Squares on TV”

Program 350

July 22, 2019 – Life On Earth For All Humans and Animals

“A Single Suitcase” by Parnaz Foroutan
“Adam And The Big Bear” read by Adam Brown
“My Kind of Landscape: Independence Hall” by Kermit Roosevelt III
“Use” by Tim Lennox
“Holy The Body” by Donovan McAbee
“Masked Mom” by Tim Lennox
“Cat On The Lawn” by Mary Fischer, read by Joan Marshall
“A Guy And His Pet Buffalo” NPR

Program 349

July 15, 2019 – Nature, People and Animals

“Quiet Nights in the Country” by Amy Williams
“Sewing-Up The Horse Named King” by James Hardy, Shell Point
“Birds Delight” by David Hauenstein, Shell Point
“How Much Makes Up A Dollup” by Howard Silverman, Shell Point
“The Latest Poet Laureate Speaks Out” Joy Harjo
“Life’s Journey With Its Twists and Turns” by Mildred Dotter, Shell Point
“Having Fun With Funnies”

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